Monday, June 5, 2017

Week 23

Given the circumstances, I resisted my OCD urge to edit Ben's letter for the week. :-) Here's what we got from him. . .

so my tablet is pretty badly broken. i had it working on friday night and then i set it down and looked at something else and then came back to it and it was totally unresponsive. ive tried all of the restart buttons like power and volume down for all of the numbers of seconds and were on a public computer now with a bunch of japanese characters some of which i recognize and others of which i dont. and the keyboard has all of the letters in the right place but im not really interested in figuring out the punctuation on this thing so sorry about that. i just spent about an hour browsing the very slow internet at this place and they havent told me anything that i havent already tried. and ive tried everything that theyve said over again. so there you go.

all of my symptoms are
no lights
none of the buttons do anything
no sign of charging

so i may or may not send out a better email than this today. weve called the honbu but all the tech support they have seems to be an elder with slightly less tech saviness than i have who happens to have been called to work in the office for this transfer. he will probably end up calling someone higher up eventually and they might want me to send my tablet somewhere but im not really sure how thats going to work since the tablet belongs to me.

so i rerread the first paragraph and it was a little all over the place so heres what ive tried
all of the outside button combos and ive held them all down for plenty long. on my phone i believe it was power button and up volume for 6 seconds. the internet seems to think that for my tablet it should be power and volume down for fifteen. didnt work
i tried blowing on the charging port and charger because that might have helped the not charging if my tablet were dead somehow. but it isnt. it was at like 50 or 60 percent when the issue happened. but i did it anyway
ive tried all of the button combos while plugged into this computer and interestingly after holding them down for a while the computer will make a noise like it thinks there is a device connected. but still nothing from the tablet. it seems to think that i need to download software on the computer so i can get into the tablet from the computer but the downlad isnt working.

that might be all. also the live chat thing on samsung seems to be closed because its still Sunday in America. thats unfortunate.

i love you the most,
Elder Mitchell

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  1. Haha dang! But I think every missionary eventually has to attempt to type a letter home on a foreign keyboard at some point. It's like some rite of passage or something. 😉