Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Week 22

Good morning friends,

Miyako is an interesting place. This week I found out that our house isn't actually within the reach of the huge tsunami six years ago, so that's good I guess. We did get to see some of the damage that it caused closer to the shore, and there are quite a few things that haven't been fixed yet. There was a four story building right next to the shore and you can see that the water just barely got up to the third floor. The first two were just the big metal support beams. The walls and everything were just gone. It was kind of crazy. I probably should have gotten a picture or two but I didn't think about it.

Elder Reber is my new companion. He's great. I don't think that I'll have to worry about any comp problems this transfer. He's interestingly also from Utah just like both of my other two comps. I'm not exactly sure why that is. Maybe God just thinks I need to learn to get along with Utah people. Or something like that. :)

The weather is nice. It's 71 right now with a high of 73. Which probably means that it'll actually get up to about 80. Miyako is definitely smaller than Hirosaki, but the mission area is still pretty big. This week our branch mission leader drove us about 70 minutes North to where we have an investigator. That was an interesting experience. He drives a stick-shift... van? It's sort of just a normal box car (like 90% of the cars on the road here) but it's blown up by probably 120 or 130%. I judged him perhaps a little too harshly on his stickshift driving... I guess that's something I can work on this week. :)

Lately I've mostly been reading The Book of Mormon for my personal study. I recently just finished up Alma and started on Helaman. Today I read Helaman 5:12 which is pretty legit. Lately it has also stood out to me how much Alma talks about missionary work. It's mostly in the first half of Alma since the second half is all wars, but there's still some good stuff in the second half too.

A couple that I've highlighted recently (not word for word):
Alma 62:10 - says something about speedily executing those who were opposed to freedom.
Alma 60:13 - The Lord allows the righteous to be slain to bring justice to the wicked
Alma 60:the last verse - I am Moroni, and I don't seek for power I seek for the glory of my God
Alma 57 talking about the 2000 stripling warriors - They remembered the things that their mothers taught them,and they had faith.
Alma 43:47 - Ye shall defend your families unto bloodshed.

Last couple of things: This transfer is already a third of the way over because it's a three week transfer. The new mission president comes in a week after this transfer ends so then he'll have the long 9 week transfer to figure stuff out a little better before he starts calling transfers and stuff. Also I've decided that I have thirty minutes of free workout time built in to the morning so I'm going to make good use of it. If I'm not way shredded by the end of my mission I will have been doing it wrong. :) That might be all.

Lots of love,
Elder Mitchell

 For some reason people in Japan think that Prius's and minivans are 
cool and so they'll deck them out with fat exhausts, low-profile tires, 
and whatever else they care to put on them. This picture is a pretty 
decent example of how people in Japan feel about Prius's. There was 
a pretty good minivan too that I saw yesterday that was lowered with 
four exhaust pipes and fancy wheels. But we were working at that point. 
So no picture of that one. 

  Some pictures that we just took with all the Elders in my district at the 
church building. If you look close you can tell that I have some 
helmet hair. I guess that means that my hair is too long...
Elder Mitchell, Elder Reber, Elder De Leon and Elder Davies
 And then there's one that I got of my new companion, Elder Reber.

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