Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 24

Hello family,

So Im on the dumb public computer again.
so its been a while. im surviving tolerably well. in the last little
bit i recall someone asking me for names of members and investigators
in my weekly updates... so i might do that. im not sure how much i can
actually do though because there are supposedly some crazy weird
privacy laws in Japan and it makes it hard for us to even have our
electronic Area Book. so thats fun. I dont think that ill end up
getting out a weekly this week either just because this computer is
total garbage and I dont know where any of the useful puctuation marks

i got my transfer call yesterday and guess what... im staying. which
actually was a bit of a surprise. we had 9 missionaries going home
this transfer and only one coming in and so we thought that Miyako
would be among the first to drop to a two-man area since its so small.
but it stayed with the same four elders.

the new area is pretty good. its for sure a lot smaller than Hirosaki,
but still good. we still dont really have any real investigators that
i think are actually going to get anywhere, but ive kind of started to
be accustomed to that. the branch is about half the size of Hirosaki.
yesterday there were about 22 people and there are normally about 30
here. Hirosaki was generally between 40 and 50.

this might only be interesting to Poppy, but i also learned recently
that to have a comp for two transfers is borderline normal (on the
high side) and that to have one for three transfers is almost unheard
of. so missionaries just move around all the time here. maybe that
will change with the new mission president next month...

also Sister Young just called. it sounds like theyre going to bring me a temporary tablet from
the office this week.

i love you all the most,
Elder Mitchell

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