Thursday, February 9, 2017

Week 6

Hello world,

I'm a little short on time so this might not be the longest email I've ever sent. I'm more or less happy and healthy, and I'm still learning Japanese. Unfortunately, even with these last six weeks of training I'm still only capable of very simple conversation. Admittedly it's more complex than any of the other weeks that I've been here, but still not great.

This week Elder Gong of the Seventy came and since he knows my companion, we got to have dinner with him and the MTC presidency. The food was ridiculously good, but I was definitely a little uncomfortable with the whole situation. It was easily the most formal meal I've ever had in my life and it was in front of a general authority and the MTC presidency. So that happened.

We're currently at 20 something with the icebreaker challenge, but I might be done with that. We've slowed down quite a bit. They're so gross at this point that it's not worth it. There is still a picture attached for those who are interested.

Okay, I guess it is also worth mentioning that I am now the zone leader. I may not have mentioned it earlier but I am also the district leader due to the lack of elders in my district. So I'm currently trying to serve in both capacities. It's hard because my companion and I don't necessarily see eye to eye on a lot of things, but I think we'll manage.

Finally, I would like to give some advice for those individuals preparing to serve a mission, as this email will hopefully be read by most of my BYU FHE group. I had obviously read the Book of Mormon, and had a testimony that it's true before I came on my mission; but I really wish that I was more comfortable in it, and that I could better use it in my teaching. I guess by comfortable I mean that I wish I knew where more stories are, and that I was better at coming up with scriptures that apply to the problems of my investigators (all of my investigators at the MTC are just my teachers role-playing but still). I'm sure I'm not the only person who has ever felt that way, and I know that everyone could be better at knowing their way around the Book of Mormon up until they have the whole thing memorized verse by verse (haha that would be pretty cool), but it's definitely worth all of the time that you could spend studying in it.

Lots of love!
Elder Mitchell

1 - empty icebreaker containers
2 - me sitting on my bed
3 - picture two flipped upside down (there's not a whole lot to entertain yourselves with at the MTC)
4 - the ZL rock which is now in front of my room

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