Sunday, July 9, 2017

Week 27

Hello everyone,

This was an okay week. We had zone leader splits in Morioka which meant a two and a half hour bus ride each way, but it was pretty fun. I got to work with Elder Price for a day. He's pretty cool and we had a really good lesson in the morning. Other than that we pulled weeds for a service project and then went finding in the evening.

We also had our switch of mission president's this week. As of the first of July we now have President Sekiguchi. We will get to meet him at a short meeting in Morioka this Friday. That will be pretty weird. I only had President Smith for about four months, but I had still gotten used to his way of doing things. It will be an interesting adjustment over the next few months.

And finally, I finished The Book of Mormon again this week. This time reading it for some reason was a lot more meaningful to me than other times when I've read it. It really is an incredible book and you can learn so much from it. As the missionary that I am, I would like to invite those of you who have read it to read it again; and those of you who have not read it to start reading it. The Book of Mormon is most of the reason that I decided to serve a mission and I really believe that the things it contains are true. As they say in Japanese, 読んでみてください. :)

Have a great week everyone,
Elder Mitchell

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